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Because of your support, the Rainbow Book Bus is getting built right now! Will you help us fundraise to take it on a NATIONAL TOUR of small towns that could use a queer book fair?

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Our Mission

As anti-LGBTQ+ book bans sweep the country, ShopQueer.co is preparing to launch a loud, proud, and very queer bookmobile across the United States. Our Rainbow Book Bus will combine the comfort and resources of a brick-and-mortar bookstore with the excitement and energy of pop-up book festivals, bringing queer joy, stories, and community to the places that need it the most.

The Plan

We'll purchase a 28-foot school bus and renovate it into a gorgeous, inclusive traveling bookshop. Once we pull up to the curb, folks will be able to come inside and browse, and we’ll set up an outdoor “book fair” with tables, chairs, signs, and, of course, more books.

Even without operating costs, that’s a lot of renovation and design work to tackle. And before the queer magic happens, we have to hire a company to strip out the inside of the bus and prepare it for upgrades. (And before that, we have to buy the bus in the first place.)

All told, it’s going to take at least $100,000 to get the Rainbow Book Bus up and running. With your support, we know that we can hit our goal and bring queer books to communities across the country!

Supporter Levels

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Donations like yours are the bedrock of our campaign!

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$500 - Patron

With gratitude for your profound support of queer authors, Eric would love to personalize a signed copy of The Deviant’s War just for you. Also includes all Advocate rewards.

$1000 - Gold Sponsor

Eric and Adam want to thank you themselves for your generosity — receive a personalized video from ShopQueer.co’s founders. Also includes all Patron rewards.

$5000 - Rainbow Sponsor

Cement your place in history with your name on a plaque inside the Rainbow Book Bus! Also includes all Gold Sponsor rewards.

$10,000 - Founding Sponsor

You're invited to join our Rainbow Advisory Board for quarterly Zoom calls, where you'll receive live updates and have the opportunity to shape our Book Bus journey. Also includes all Rainbow Sponsor rewards.


The Rainbow Book Bus will help us reach more readers than ever, and at ShopQueer.co, every book sale directly supports queer authors. Plus, we'll be partnering with (AKA, paying) queer designers at every step of the redesign process. Whether you buy online or on the bus, your purchase is going the extra mile to support your favorite queer creators!

ShopQueer.co is also an entirely queer-owned and operated company! Everything that we do is by and for our community <3

We're hoping to be rolling by Summer 2023! Once we purchase the bus, it'll take several months for a "rough-in," which strips out all the seats and prepares the bus for renovation. After that, the remodel will take a few more months. Then, it's just the small matter of getting our bus stocked and a first route ready to go!

...of course, our timeline depends on how quickly we can raise the funds needed to get the ball rolling. *wink*

Depending on the size, model, and availability, a 28- to 35-foot bus will cost us between $15,000 and $20,000. The conversion process and interior redesign is projected to cost around $50,000, not including the rate of the queer designer who will mastermind the Rainbow Book Bus' look. The exterior paint job or wrap (to get it looking fabulously queer!) will be another $7,000-$10,000. Then, during its journey, we need to pay a living wage to our driver and booksellers. Quite a chunk of change!

You come say hi! Folks will be able to shop inside or outside the Rainbow Book Bus.

Inside, picture a bus lined with wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a reading nook to curl up in — all the comforts of an indie bookshop, on wheels. If we can raise enough funds, we're also hoping to add a "roof raise" so that no one has to stoop while they're browsing!

Outside, we'll set up a popup “book fair” to welcome folks over and provide a Covid-safe(r) way to shop in-person! Imagine tables to sit and read, conversations with us and other folks in your community, and carts of books wheeled out for your perusing pleasure.

We'd love to! But before we plan our itinerary, we need the bus to EXIST! In the meantime, feel free to subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the page, and we'll let you know as soon as we start planning!

Because ShopQueer.co isn't a nonprofit, your donation to the Rainbow Book Bus isn't tax-deductible. To share our profits with queer authors and artists, we have to make some!

In that case, we will use any funds raised to create the most inclusive, radically author-loving bookshop in the world! More specifically, we plan on hiring an amazing queer team of booksellers to create the online queer bookshop we all deserve — at least until we can afford a brick-and-mortar location :)

We have DREAMS! Here's what we've got planned:

- At $200,000, we'll be able to plan a NATIONAL tour of LGBTQ+ centers and other communities that could use a queer book fair!

- At $300,000, we'll bring along a camera crew to create a web series about all the incredible queer folks that we meet on our journey across America.

- At $500,000, we'll be able to create a PROFESSIONAL documentary film about the Rainbow Book Bus and our fight against America's book bans.

- At $1,000,000, we'll assemble a FLEET of Rainbow Book Buses! After all, our goal is to have Rainbow Book Buses in every major region of the country. Then, after that? We're going international, baby!

Thank you! You can find us at @shopqueer.co on Instagram (tag us!), and you can send people to this page to join you in supporting queer creators <3