Clubbed Two: Anxiety, Anger, Activism

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CLUBBED TWO: Anxiety, Anger, Activism, selected as a 2022 Distinguished Favorite by the NYC Big Book Awards.


CLUBBED TWO is historical fiction, set in Philadelphia from 1982 to 1992. The main setting, Club Sanctuary, can be seen as a metaphor for the greater LGBTQ community, but it is written as a real place, with characters who are fabulous, funny and flawed.


The author combines historical characters and events with fictional ones, creating a story that's entertaining, informative and emotional. The love story between the two main characters, Joey and Henry, serves as a vehicle for connecting the stories of diverse, Queer characters.


As a club owner, the narrator provides a unique perspective into the LGBTQ community, combining their stories with his own. Some characters struggle with disabilities, loneliness, drug addiction, both external and internal homophobia and illness, while still seeking a sense of joy and belonging during stressful times.


This second book in the CLUBBED series continues the story as the LGBTQ community fights prejudice and ignorance in an effort to be recognized as people worthy of respect. As they are confronted with hatred and discrimination, the community unites to protect its members, especially PWAs (People With AIDS).

Publisher: Robert a Karl
Pub date:
292 pages
Format: Paperback