Chasing Shadows: Genesis

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In 1924, Sarah O'Connell, a socialite and spiritualist, is brutally murdered. The local authorities do not have a single suspect. After receiving an anonymous letter, Jarek Videni, a young intuitive from New York City, travels to the American Midwest to help solve the case. However, Jarek learns quickly that there is no single suspect in the case because everyone in the house is a suspect... even the spirits.

This unsolved case is surrounded with mystery, horror, and a dark presence that fills the family's home and calls out to Jarek. This presence is watching... waiting... and listening.

Jarek must use his gifts to read the cards, reach beyond the veil, uncover the many secrets that haunt the O'Connell mansion, and find the killer before they strike again. But will he be able to solve this case before it's too late?

Publisher: Water Sign Books
Pub date: September 06, 2022
234 pages
Format: Hardcover