I Promise You Pain: Cordon Finn Vengeance Series - Book One

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The first in the Cordon Finn Vengeance Series, I Promise You Pain follows Cordon Finn, a brutal, damaged man who left his abusive Chicago home and joined the military, working in 'extraction and information' in the most dangerous places around the world. Now back stateside, Cordon is hired by a Chicago billionaire to collect his underage son from a compound in Palm Springs, owned by a wealthy pedophile.

After grabbing the kid in a bloody fight, Cordon discovers that everything he's been led to believe, about the billionaire's son, about what he's involved in, is a lie. And now the people Cordon loves are in danger as the billionaire wants his transgendered child dead. And Cordon to take the fall.

But Cordon is not a man who goes down without a fight. If he goes down at all.

Vowing to protect the billionaire's transdaughter, Lucious, from her father, Cordon battles an army of the father's men in Palm Springs, before realizing that again, nothing is as it seems. When Cordon discovers that the woman he loves has been taken hostage by the billionaire to force Cordon to do his bidding, Cordon knows he has no choice. He takes the fight back to the billionaire's doorstep.

This locks Cordon in a fierce and feral war against the billionaire's army. Cordon is on a mission to save Lucious, who becomes an ally, and the woman Cordon loves. It's a bloody and dangerous battle of fists and firearms, that ultimately leaves an injured Cordon face-to-face with the billionaire.

A fight that will leave only one man standing...

I Promise You Pain is a violent, bloody, and diverse tale of a man who stands up against the powerful, fighting for the marginalized and those who can't fight back for themselves. Not your daddy's Jack Reacher, Cordon Finn is a new breed of badass. He is a man wrestling with a dark, abusive background, trying to reconcile who he is now with the past he's survived while helping those who need it the most. Cordon Finn is the hero we need now. And with his ally Lucious, they form a diverse and powerful team in I Promise You Pain that will be enjoyed for many books in the future.

Publisher: Bowkers
Pub date:
206 pages
Format: Paperback