How to Trick People into Doing the Right Thing

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How To Trick People Into Doing The Right Thing is a playful, entertaining book full of historical anecdotes about how public-spirited leaders - politicians, dissidents, reformers - sly, shrewd, determined - often resort to deviousness to pursue social progress. This benign underhandedness occurs more often than you'd think, especially when the political system is immobilized by massive corruption and acute polarization (as at present). When democracy's front door is slammed shut in their faces, these cunning do-gooders find ways to sneak in through the back door. They employ trickery to achieve benevolent ends.The author defends his thesis by trotting out dozens of examples where "benevolent trickery" changed history for the good. Reading this book, you'll learn how: Augustus, in ancient Rome, won the support of the people by pretending to be an ardent republican, all the while he governed as a military dictator. His success enabled him to inaugurate the Pax Romana, an unprecedented 200-year-long era of relative peace and stability."Honest Abe" Lincoln pulled a fast one in order to free the slaves, an act that, as President, he lacked the authority to do.Mae West used her movies to send a subversive message to women around the world. The ribald character she played onscreen treated men in the same exploitative way that men treat women. She wasn't dominated by men; she dominated them - and got away with it. Her image of a strong independent woman enjoying herself to the fullest was viewed by women worldwide and launched a sexual revolution that's still unfolding. Mrs. Ronald Reagan, a secret dove in her husband's hawkish administration, was exceptionally skilled at pulling strings behind the scenes. Thanks in large part to her finagling, the Cold War was ended without firing a shot.

Publisher: Independently Published
Pub date: October 02, 2020
162 pages
Format: Paperback