Somewhere in the Gray Area

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There are very few things that James Rhodes doesn't believe that he can do. Breeze through all of his undergrad classes? Easy. Thrive in his programming internship? Done. Get his yearning-from-a-distance crush to fall in love with him? Pending. He has a plan for everything. And why wouldn't he? When you plan for everything, nothing can go wrong.




What he doesn't plan on is finding himself caught right in the middle of a vicious crime and a police cover-up that takes the lives of his high-profile boss and the rest of the program's interns. His saving grace is an unlikely team of operatives that pluck him from the scene and explain that there are dangerous secrets being kept from him that will change his life forever. Things only get more knotty when Mateo, the team's leader with a rough exterior and a serious eye only for his work, grows a soft spot for James and they realize how alike they are despite coming from two very different realities. Maybe even enough to cross a boundary that they can't come back from.

Publisher: Davenport Publishing & Productions
Pub date: October 20, 2023
330 pages
Format: Paperback