Celestial Navigation

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Born into families of vastly different backgrounds and raised in separate towns hundreds of miles apart, Jake and Cal grew up to become practically the same person. They shared interests, pastimes, and personal beliefs. Both had difficulty making friends because they were not like other kids. Cal's boundless energy and joyous exuberance exhausted anyone who spent time with him. Jake's keen focus on the fine arts marked him as a creative, sensitive type at a time when only rock music interested his classmates. So, when their paths eventually crossed, Jake and Cal felt like they had known each other forever. They felt like two halves of the same soul. Facing the challenges and cruelties of high school, they became a port-in-the-storm and a guiding star for each other. Expectations, outside pressure, and self-doubt, though, would threaten their bond and youthful optimism.

Publisher: Jonathan R Lewis
Pub date:
322 pages
Format: Paperback