My Sister's Girlfriend

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Fifth grader Talia Cohen-Sullivan isn't sure how she feels about boys, crushes, and the love thing even though her best friend, Carmen, is already dreaming about kissing--and it's only September. Losing her mom to cancer a few years ago made Talia afraid of change, though she still has her big sister, Jade, to help her through hard times. But when she sees Jade kissing a girl, Talia is suddenly thrust into a world she doesn't understand and faces important decisions. With the help of her therapist, and Carmen, and Jade herself, Talia learns that love has many faces; love might even be something she's interested in soon . . . for herself.

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My Sister's Girlfriend by Gail Marlene Schwartz and Lucie Gagnon was chosen by CBC as one of the top Canadian middle grade books to watch for in fall 2022. https: //

A heartwarming story to help children understand the coming-out process of those they love. My Sister's Girlfriend is as much a story about a family coming out, as it is about a young girl opening up and learning to share a beloved family member with others. LS Stone, author of What's in it for ME?

Talia is a likeable character who has lost her mother and is very close to her sister, Jade. When she discovers that her sister has a girlfriend, she struggles with acceptance of this new relationship. This well-written book is a positive introduction for readers who are not part of the LGBTQ+ community. Acceptance is the key theme - not just of others but ourselves." Chantal Hughes, author in Breaking Boundaries- LGBTQ2 Writers Coming Out and Into Canada

Growing up is hard, especially when everyone around you is ready for relationships and having crushes. This couldn't be truer for Talia Cohen-Sullivan, a fifth grader just trying to make it through each day without the guidance of her mother.

Luckily, Talia has Jade, her 16-year-old sister who makes her feel like the centre of the universe. The calmness of Talia's world takes a sharp turn when she sees Jade kissing a girl in their basement. Shocked by this secret part of her sister's life, Talia's world seems to spin out of control as she wonders what this means. She feels like the life her sister has built for her is changing faster than Talia's ready for.

Gail Marlene Schwartz and Lucie Gagnon's novel creates a heartwarming introduction to allyship for middle-grade readers. This story is geared towards readers who are new to the LGBT02+ rainbow. They will find this especially poignant because it tackles some of the misunderstandings that often surface around these types of relationships for those who have not been exposed to them before, such as homophobia.

As the story progresses. Schwartz and Gagnon introduce many trusted adults for Talia to talk to and work through these concepts with. which is a wonderful model for middle-grade readers who are often presented with protagonists who must figure it out for themselves because of absent adults. Schwartz and Gagnon create a welcoming novel for all readers who are looking to better navigate relationships and changes that they may be experiencing through this charming story.

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MY SISTER'S GIRLFRIEND has made the list of the Canadian School Libraries Journal issue sping 2023 vol. 8 No. 2, "11 Books to Add to Your Classroom If You're Infuriated by Book Bans," https: //

Publisher: Rebel Mountain Press
Pub date: October 15, 2022
160 pages
Format: Paperback