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Strait-laced forty-something Franco definitely picked the wrong night to get freaky. A hook-up with a hot guy on his Manhattan rooftop, and a joint he's unaware is laced, leaves him dazed. And-if memory serves him-the sole witness to a murder across the street.

Except, the cops can't find a crime scene or a body, and Franco's perforated recollections and conflicting testimony leave the detectives unimpressed. When days later the mutilated body of a philanthropic millionaire is discovered, he's not only shocked to learn he knew him, but with Franco's fingerprints all over the crime scene, he quickly graduates from unreliable witness to prime suspect. And the random trick who could alibi him has vanished into the anonymity of the Internet.

Unsettled, and confronted with forty-year-old memories, when Franco's father was murdered in front of him during Manhattan's infamous blackout, a shocking revelation finally unmasks the man who pulled the trigger that night. And painting Franco the perfect suspect.

With a target on his back and time running out, the truth will set Franco free, or earn him a toe tag at the morgue.

"Tried and true crime narratives sing when offered to the reader from the perspectives of traditionally underrepresented characters. Blackout, Marco Carocari's debut, serves as further proof of this thesis. A loving homage to American crime dramas, Carocari refreshes well-worn tropes by placing a resourceful and empathetic gay character at the center of a gripping story." - John Copenhaver, award-winning author of Dodging and Burning

In his debut novel, Blackout, Marco Carocari takes a number of familiar crime fiction tropes and skews them ever so slightly, thereby breathing new life into each of these familiar constructs, and ultimately leading readers to a fresh and unique conclusion. (This is) an author to keep your eye on. - BOLO Books Review

"New York's crime world and gay scene converge in this compulsively plotted mystery, where long-held secrets refuse to stay buried. Carocari delivers a strong debut that's equal parts thrilling and heart-felt." -  Edwin Hill, author of Watch Her


"BLACKOUT is a gripping debut from an exciting new author to watch. Carocari had me turning pages long into the night-prepare for an electric read." - P. J. Vernon, author of Bath Haus and When You Find Me


"Blackout is Rear Window meets the dating app. Marco Carocari's impressive debut gives readers an unrelenting thriller, with twists and turns you won't see. A fearless and unflinching portrait of corruption, past and present, and a poignant journey of a son trying to understand the father he never knew. Turn on the lights and read Blackout into the night." - Gabriel Valjan, Agatha and Anthony-nominated author of The Naming Game


"In a stunning debut from Marco Carocari, dark secrets from the past envelope Franco DiMaso after witnessing a murder. He goes from unreliable witness to prime suspect and nothing is as it seems. A gripping, well-plotted, page turning read." - James L'Etoile, author of At What Cost, Bury the Past, and Black Label (2021)

Publisher: Level Best Books
Pub date:
288 pages
Format: Paperback