When the Contralto Sings

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When Celeste runs into Angel, one of the city's growing homeless population, in front of Truman's building, she invites them to a street festival in Gladys Park. Angel proves to be a talented contralto at the event, and Truman meets Dyson, an outreach worker who hires him to track down some seemingly valueless stolen property. Truman's instincts and his 1930s-era detective handbook lead him to more questions, and he's confronted with the fact that the guy he's crushing on may be playing him. As they dig deeper, Celeste goes undercover in a developer's office, where she turns the head of Flint, the wealthy family's scion. Truman follows the clues in an old book about flying saucers, traveling around Los Angeles and subsequently uncovering local government corruption and a nest of old-time white supremacists.

Join the bar-hopping, booze-swilling duo as Celeste has to decide whether Flint's social status is compatible with her worldview, Truman confronts the paranoia of conspiracy theorists, and the pair enlist their new Skid Row friend to join the battle against corruption.

Publisher: Dagmar Miura
Pub date:
278 pages
Format: Paperback