An Aviary of Common Birds

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An Aviary of Common Birds is Lalah-Simone Springer's first collection of poetry. It is an emotionally raw work built on the poet's deep wells of inner strength and heart-warming sensitivity. Springer's poetry asks questions about love, family, community and working class relationships, at the heart of the writing is acceptance. An Aviary of Common Birds is a collection which is always there for the lonely, reaching out a hand, dreaming of a brighter future.

Alive with the street songs of East London, Lalah-Simone Springer's searching, tender poems speak through the sensory worlds of a first date 'lesbian manicure', the 'shukka-shukka sound' of competitive clothes-washing, the 'sharp shock of pink, juicy fruit'. Moving from loss and desolation into a new-found-land of queer rapture, An Aviary of Common Bird's voices capture the raw immediacies of desires and their fulfilments. Intoxicating and compelling, these spaces of transformation, liberation and self-claiming are urgently generous. - alice hiller, bird of winter

An Aviary of Common Birds is a breathtaking collection. A celebration of Black womanhood, queerness and the endz - these poems exude vulnerability, and take us on a journey through love, community, and conviction. - Desree, I Find My Strength In Simple Things

A thought-provoking collection exploring memory, relationships, and the commonalities between people. Lalah's care. Her love, wit and frustration permeate through these poems. - Yomi Ṣode, Manorism

This collection is connected to worlds beyond this time. Trust the invisible currents. I was led to history, to other poets, through love, and lust, and lostness and return. It was a timeless fluttering. - Deanna Rodger, I did it too

Publisher: Broken Sleep Books
Pub date: August 31, 2023
114 pages
Format: Paperback