To Be a Trans Man: Our Stories of Transition, Acceptance and Joy -

To Be a Trans Man: Our Stories of Transition, Acceptance and Joy

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Men in all stages of transition have come and gone from my life, and each one has been entirely different. It's difficult to feel as if you fail at being a man when you know there isn't a singular 'right' way to be one.

In this illuminating and radically honest book, Ezra Woodger interviews trans men and transmasculine people to interrogate what masculinity is and what it means to be a man. Covering a wide range of topics, from dealing with judgement and expectations - both external and internal - to the experience of gender euphoria, finding a community and the growth and openness that trans-inclusive spaces can provide, the stories in this book highlight the power of being true to who you are.

With contributions from trans men from across the UK and US, including Fox Fisher, Ezra Michel and many more, their words offer comfort, guidance and an important reminder of the joy and strength of existing as a trans man, regardless of how you look.

About the Author

Ezra Woodger is a trans man and one of the winners of the inaugural JKP Writing Prize. To Be a Trans Man is his first book.

A welcome opportunity to learn about eight very different trans men's journeys and their outlook. A perennial problem is that because there aren't many trans people and fewer still who are visible and out, that most people won't have knowingly met a trans man, so prepare for pre-conceived ideas to be challenged!--Charlie Kiss, author of A New Man

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Pub date: oct 21, 2022
192 pages
Format: Paperback