The Book of Non-Binary Joy: Embracing the Power of You -

The Book of Non-Binary Joy: Embracing the Power of You

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A joy to read' JEFFREY MARSH
'I'm so happy this book exists' FREDDY MCCONNELL
'Full of wit, fun and wisdom!' ALEX IANTAFFI

'Oh hello darling, and welcome to The Book of Non-Binary Joy! This book is here to help you be yourself - free from judgement and expectation - as you unlock more joy in your life. Take my hand, and let's start your journey of self-love today.'

Whether you are at the start of your journey or have been on the wild ride of gender introspection for a long time, this guide is here to help you thrive as your authentic - and most fabulous - non-binary self. With personal stories, valuable insights and interactive sections, this inspiring book covers a wide range of topics, including mental health, pleasure, fashion, understanding your past, allyship privilege and self-expression.

Written with warmth and unapologetic humour, and with bold illustrations throughout, Ben Pechey has created the ultimate safe space for you to embrace your non-binary life and start living.

About the Author

Ben Pechey is a non-binary writer, presenter and fashion icon. They have written and produced content for The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, Refinery 29 and LGBT Foundation and have worked with brands such as Simply Be, Elemis, Amazon, Oskia, The British Beauty Council, Crocs and NSPCC to educate and improve awareness of the LGBTQIA+ community. The Book of Non-Binary Joy is their first book.

The Book of Non-Binary Joy is full of wit, kind advice, encouragement, fun and wisdom! Let Ben take you by the hand for this fabulous ride into the expansiveness of our genders and communities, you will not regret it.--Alex Iantaffi, author of Gender Trauma, How to Understand Your Gender, and Life Isn't Binary This book is a joy to read! The Book of Non-Binary Joy is in perfect balance: direct, kind and deeply respectful explorations of what it means to be human, mixed with encouraging and purely prideful happiness. Beautifully illustrated and brilliantly witty, this is the book to help everyone expand their gender-delight.--Jeffrey Marsh, bestselling author of How To Be You This book speaks directly to the non-binary reader, because lets face it there aren't many that do, but rest-assured it is for everyone. To read, to learn, to understand better another persons perspective is incredibly powerful. This book debunks common misconceptions and gives insightful and useful information that we all need. They discuss trauma and the wider context of living in a world that often doesn't support or accept you with a beautifully delicate, light hand - giving the reader a real sense of pride and joy that is often neglected when talking about these issues.--Natalie Lee (Style Me Sunday) The Book of Non-Binary Joy is just that. JOY. Every page is packed full of love, acceptance, encouragement and more. Ben's wit, charm and warmth leap off the page like a big friendly hug. I know this book will help LGBTQIA+ people on their gender journey and discovery. Thank you Ben, from one of them.--Dom&Ink I'm so happy this book exists. As a trans man, it's a genuinely useful resource and as a trans person, it's a breath of fresh air for the focus to be on our ample, multi-faceted joy instead of simply the pain we experience at the hands of cis society.--Freddy McConnell, writer and journalist Honest, incisive and responsive writing. A commanding and nuanced conversation of representation, allyship and identity... a book I wished I'd had in my twenties.--Jules Von Hep, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist This collection of insights provides a really wonderful overview of what it means to be non-binary, as a non-binary person myself I felt the love pouring out from the author and their words brought me so much joy.--NetGalley Reviewer This book is a glorious and necessary look at finding liberation and happiness in who you are.--Rachel Thompson "Mashable" As someone who has, within the last year or so, started that journey into my gender identity and everything that surrounds it, I loved this book. It was reassuring and helpful while refraining from simply telling you everything will be okay. It's great for those like me who have already been on their journey and want the reassurance that they're "doing it right". The author's voice really shines through with a pervasive sense of style that I enjoyed.--NetGalley Reviewer

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Pub date:
224 pages
Format: Paperback