Until It Shimmers

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A part of Ned Baldwin has always known this day would come. That he would, at last, tell the truth to the people who mattered most to him. It is only when he moves to London, to figure out what, precisely, he wants to do with his life, that he manages to blurt it out in the immediate aftermath of a minor car crash. There is relief in the fact that it is done, even if badly done.

Born and bred on the inside, Ned finds himself, for the first time, on the outside, alone, with many questions and few answers. When he looks back, he does so with a mix of anger and affection. And when he looks forward? He isn't sure. In the books he's read, there are rarely happy endings for people like him.

Set in London's gritty gay scene at the end of the Thatcher era, Alec Scott's debut novel Until It Shimmers confronts faith, honour, and the pursuit of love.

"A rich and satisfying debut"-Christopher Castellani, bestselling author of Leading Men

Publisher: Ace of Swords Publishing
Pub date: June 24, 2022
280 pages
Format: Paperback