Abandon All Hope: A Postmodern Parable

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Each one of us lives by some sort of code. Whether that code is religious, humanitarian, or scientific in nature, so many of us live believing our answer to the question, "what really matters?" is both correct and universal. But at what point does clinging to your self-imposed beliefs begin to create Hell on Earth for you and those your life touches-and at what point will others abandon all hope in you?

Abandon All Hope is a dark spiritual comedy exploring these questions about human nature, with proven potential to connect in a meaningful way with Christian and atheist audiences alike, encouraging each reader to consider what kind of world they are building with the life they live.

Three college freshmen-a scrappy feminist, a naive evangelical, and a cocky logistician-arrive in Hell, which appears as an infernal dorm room, tasked with a diabolical game by a fun-loving demon: the winner will gain instant admission to Heaven at the cost of torturing the others.

Publisher: Ornithology Media
Pub date: August 26, 2021
162 pages
Format: Paperback