Are You Kidding?: A Life

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From "ARE YOU KIDDING?" "When telling the story of my teens to young gay men...the most common response I received was 'Are you kidding?'Your parents locked you out of their house because they found out you were gay? Are you kidding?You lost your job because you were gay? Are you kidding?You learned your HIV status from a form letter? Are you kidding?No, I'm not kidding. All that and more happened.Suddenly in answer to these reactions of incredulity, I realized I had a story to tell; something very old that was suddenly new again."ARE YOU KIDDING? is one gay man's humorous and mind-boggling remembrance of 70 years from Eisenhower to COVID-19, coming of age and coming to terms with his sexual identity, pursuing a show business career in the face of prejudice and homophobia, celebrating the sexual revolution, surviving the AIDS pandemic; substance abuse and depression, and witnessing the decline of the middle class. It is a hopeful look back across six decades from the hard-earned perspective of age and wisdom.

Publisher: Bob May Publishing
Pub date: March 21, 2022
318 pages
Format: Paperback