Powdered Oak and Seven Metals

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After Nina senses a push from Spirit, she relocates her coven to Nova, Colorado, a small, snowy mountain town just outside Denver. But when Leo-her most powerful and dangerously gifted witch-decides to stray from the coven's goal for motives of his own, the coven begins to unravel. Soon they find themselves in greater peril than they ever imagined possible, hunted by murderous witches hungry for power and revenge, and with Death breathing down the neck of one of their own. As the rift between the coven and their prophesied goal widens, they struggle not only with their own fears and demons but a new plane of existence, while Leo is forced to make an impossible choice between restoring balance to the world-and his own soul.

"Kurr's second installment blends mystical-realism into a satiating and inspiring world of fantasy. His dynamic characters, genuine knowledge of occult practices, and deep wisdom for the human experience make this is a must-read for the seasoned practitioner and esoterically-curious alike." David Petrusich, Psychic-Medium, Astrologer & Artist


"Expect the unexpected, all is not what it seems. This novel is magical, creative and will fascinate those new to the witchy world alongside the experienced witch community and non-witches alike. In short, a must-read, both enchanting and delicious." Laura O'Rourke, Witches Magazine


"Ryan Kurr created a beautiful masterpiece that takes you on a journey with unique characters who dive deeper into the world of magic. It's not only a whole new world they explore, but also the depths of their own souls. I loved it!" Sandra Szatkowski, owner of Merenwen's Runes


"Powdered Oak & Seven Metals takes you on a surreal journey through different realms, emotional character arcs and fast-paced action that leaves you feeling weightless. It's nonstop magical excitement and tantalizing drama that I couldn't put down." Cody Tarot, YouTube Content Creator

Publisher: Ryan Kurr
Pub date: October 15, 2021
426 pages
Format: Paperback