Myriad: The Rise of a Superhero

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Everything changes for Michael Hamm--a professional cosplayer and sought-after guest at Comic-Cons across the country. During an appearance in New York City at the historic Stonewall Inn he makes the discovery of a lifetime. Michael is unwittingly transformed into a new superhero--Myriad, entering an entangled web of deceit and danger. Madame Beatriz, a witch from New Orleans, takes extreme measures to pursue the cosplayer to regain her rightful inheritance now in Michael's possession. On his quest to learn more about his new powers, Michael encounters various players from a drag queen he is now forever linked with in more ways than one. This page-turner will marvel readers as they embark on a journey into the world of Comic-Cons, superheroes, and drag queens.

Inspired by Michael Hamm, a true-to-life professional cosplayer. Michael creates costumes and does guest appearances at comic-cons around the world. He lives in Canada.

About the Author

Don has been a comic book lover since his teenage years. While his professional career has been in retail and marketing his entire adult life, he has always had a desire to put pen to page and create his own stories. During the pandemic, he connected with pro-cosplayer Michael Hamm. Their chats and creative collaborations created the inspiration for this story. Don owns his own business in Seattle, Washington.

Publisher: Bookbaby
Pub date: October 11, 2022
144 pages
Format: Paperback