A Man of Lies

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When his lover is killed by their mob boss, a hardened criminal insider decides to pursue one last elaborate heist in an effort to rid himself of his underground lifestyle for good.

Barrett Rye has always been told he can be only one thing in life: an enforcer. He's a seven-foot wall of muscle and the most effective collector in the largest criminal enterprise in the Midwest. After he realizes he wants more out of life than hurting people, he and his mob accountant boyfriend, Mickey, decide to steal enough money from their boss to disappear and start over. But they get caught, Mickey is killed, and Barrett is given one chance to pay back his debts.

His plan is simple. He knows that Henry Holzmann, a small-time mafioso in Omaha, has a lead on the score of a lifetime. Barrett can't get the prize himself, but he's not trying to. He just needs a piece of it. He is going to cause so much chaos--and throw Holzmann's life into such disarray--that the man will pay him anything to make it stop.

But nothing ever stays simple, and Barrett has always been too clever for his own good. As the mayhem he has seeded spirals out of control, it will take all his prodigious strength and wit to stay alive, and he'll have to decide: Does he want to win, or does he want to be the better man that he has always wanted to be?

About the Author

Ben Crane wanted to be an architect until he was seven years old and the carefully plotted fort in his parents' basement collapsed after ten minutes. He is a former film executive whose credits include the Jack Ryan and Equalizer franchises. He lives with his partner and their two dogs in Los Angeles, where he plays board games. In his spare time, he writes novels and comics.

"Crane's ambitious, fast-moving debut follows a gay mobster desperate to leave the underworld behind. There's a lot of bloodshed and a lot of plot twists here. Bold and exciting."--Publishers Weekly

Publisher: Pegasus Crime
Pub date:
352 pages
Format: Hardcover