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Part-Time Princesses

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Beautiful, popular, and adored by all, Courtney, Amber, Tiffany, and Michelle can't wait to graduate and take their place among the world's elite. But when all their future plans are ruined, the girls have only one back-up plan-working as costumed princesses at the local amusement park. Unfortunately, increased gang activity has driven away all but the most loyal of customers. With the park on the verge of closing, the girls resolve to fight back, bring back their adoring customers, save the amusement park they never wanted to work at, and maybe learn something about themselves along the way.

About the Author


BOOKLIST-Amber, Tiffany, Michelle, and Courtney have it all figured out. They're smart, pretty, athletic, and popular seniors in high school and they play the coveted roles of the four princesses at their town's seasonal "Enchanted Park." Still, they're more than ready to say good-bye to the part-time gig (next summer, they'll be heading to college, Europe, or modeling gigs, of course) when, one by one, they learn their dreams might be out of reach for now. Then another surprise: Enchanted Park has become the target of repeated thievery, and its (let's face it, already crumbling) facade is tarnished in the eyes of the community. But could it be that these two wrongs-the park's future in jeopardy and the girls' post high-school plans turned to dust-make a big right? The princesses stay on at the park and discover that this surprising challenge would be thrilling to overcome... together. Gallagher's zippy black-and-white art and sometimes-wordless spreads keep the pace quick, and a blossoming love between two of the girls will charm readers.

Publisher: Oni Press
Pub date: apr 07, 2015
168 pages
Format: Paperback