The Storm of Echoes: Book Four of the Mirror Visitor Quartet -

The Storm of Echoes: Book Four of the Mirror Visitor Quartet

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“A hallucinatory marriage of Pride and Prejudice and A Game of Thrones.”—Matthew Skelton, author of the Endymion Spring books

In this gripping finale to Christelle Dabos’s international best-selling Mirror Visitor saga, Ophelia, the mirror-traveling heroine, and Thorn discover that the truth they have been seeking has always been hidden behind the mirror.

Christelle Dabos takes us on a journey to the heart of a great game to which the all-too-human affairs of her book’s protagonists are ominously connected.

The distrust between them has been overcome and now Ophelia and Thorn love each other passionately. However, they must keep their love hidden. Only in this way can they continue their journeys toward an understanding of the indecipherable code of God and the truth behind the mysterious figure of the Other, whose devastating power continues to bring down entire pieces of arks, plunging thousands of innocents into the void.

Ophelia and Thorn arrive at the observatory of the Deviations, an institute shrouded in absolute secrecy and overseen by a sect of mystical scientists who secretly conduct terrifying experiments. There, Ophelia and Thorn hope to discover truths that will halt the destruction and death and bring the world back into balance.

About the Author


"The Mirror Visitor stands on the same shelf as Harry Potter."--ELLE Magazine

"Spectacular settings, exquisitely rendered characters."--Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"As mesmerizing as a waking dream."--Margaret Rogerson, New York Times Best-selling author of An Enchantment of Ravens

"Imagine the poisonous politics of Versailles in a glittering, steampunk world of quill pens, airships, masks, illusions and murderous courtiers."--The Wall Street Journal

"The Storm of Echoes is the final instalment in Christelle Dabos' Mirror Visitor series of four utterly extraordinary books. This series is probably the strangest, most compelling, frustrating, and addictive. From the first page of the first book, Dabos plunges the reader into an utterly hallucinogenic world where you can't quite believe what you're reading. It takes a while to learn it, but once you do, things start to make an illogical sense."--Quare Living

"Pulse-pounding suspense, memorable characters, rival clans and elaborate political arrangements rooted in myth."--The Buffalo News

"Looping wildly through revelatory sequences, the twisting narrative keeps readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. Dabos' final installment offers a chilling but simultaneously euphoric experience."--The Daily Californian

"A series that is nothing like any YA book series on the shelves today. Ophelia is the type of character I love to read about: great at some things, terrible at others, brave at times, cowardly at times, brilliant at times, and frustrating at other times. I could read about her all day."--Barnes & Noble Review

"Your next YA obsession."--Entertainment Weekly

"Metaphysical mystery, compellingly in the wings for most of the series, takes center stage in the quartet's final installment. Political intrigue gracefully pivots to fraught introspection and identity turmoil, and the inertia of over 500 pages is easily overcome by the continued thrill of treachery and momentum of answers finally revealed."--Kirkus Reviews

Publisher: Europa Editions
Pub date: oct 05, 2021
528 pages
Format: Hardcover