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Water I Won't Touch

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Both radically tender and desperate for change, Water I Won’t Touch is a life raft and a self-portrait, concerned with the vitality of trans people living in a dangerous and inhospitable landscape. Through the brambles of the Pennsylvania forest to a stretch of the Jersey Shore, in quiet moments and violent memories, Kayleb Rae Candrilli touches the broken earth and examines the whole in its parts. Written during the body’s healing from a double mastectomy―in the wake of addiction and family dysfunction―these ambitious poems put new form to what’s been lost and gained. Candrilli ultimately imagines a joyful, queer future: a garden to harvest, lasting love, the insistent flamboyance of citrus.

About the Author

Kayleb Rae Candrilli is a 2019 Whiting Award Winner in poetry and the author of Water I Won't Touch (Copper Canyon Press, 2021), All the Gay Saints (Saturnalia, 2020), and What Runs Over (YesYes Books, 2017). Candrilli was a 2017 finalist for the Lambda Literary Award in transgender poetry and a 2017 finalist for the American Book Fest's Best Book Award in LGBTQ Non-Fiction. They have received fellowships from Lambda Literary and are published or forthcoming in Poetry, The American Poetry Review, American Poets, TriQuarterly, Boston Review and many others. They live in Philadelphia with their partner.

"In this still-forming world, the body, in all its triumphs and losses, strangenesses and normalcies, in all the yet to be discovered and joyful states of neither, is fully present and visible."--Natalie Diaz

"When Roethke said 'energy is the soul of poetry, ' he might have been anticipating a book like What Runs Over, which is so full of energy it practically vibrates in your hand. This is the verve of an urgent new poetic voice announcing itself to the world."--Kaveh Akbar

"Part fist-to-the-face-of-God, part pain-drunk-howl, part sex-slick-reverie, Kayleb Rae Candrilli's debut book What Runs Over is brutal and necessary."--TC Tolbert

"In their acknowledgement and celebration of who they are, Candrilli joins the best rule re-makers. Here, and on every page, Candrilli displays prismatic strength, grace, and hope."-- The Rumpus

"Through vivid language and subtle insights, Candrilli offers a sensitive, beautiful exploration of the body's transformations."-- Publishers Weekly

"All the Gay Saints addresses queer love, trans bodies, and the wholeness and holiness of queer lives. What Candrilli's poems leave behind is a moving testament to the intricate worlds queer people make when they discern themselves." --Foreword Reviews

Publisher: Copper Canyon Press
Pub date: apr 20, 2021
96 pages
Format: Paperback