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Sweet & Bitter Magic

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In this charming debut fantasy perfect for fans of Sorcery of Thorns and Girls of Paper and Fire, a witch cursed to never love meets a girl hiding her own dangerous magic, and the two strike a dangerous bargain to save their queendom.

Tamsin is the most powerful witch of her generation. But after committing the worst magical sin, she’s exiled by the ruling Coven and cursed with the inability to love. The only way she can get those feelings back—even for just a little while—is to steal love from others.

Wren is a source—a rare kind of person who is made of magic, despite being unable to use it herself. Sources are required to train with the Coven as soon as they discover their abilities, but Wren—the only caretaker to her ailing father—has spent her life hiding her secret.

When a magical plague ravages the queendom, Wren’s father falls victim. To save him, Wren proposes a bargain: if Tamsin will help her catch the dark witch responsible for creating the plague, then Wren will give Tamsin her love for her father.

Of course, love bargains are a tricky thing, and these two have a long, perilous journey ahead of them—that is, if they don’t kill each other first.

About the Author

Adrienne Tooley grew up in Southern California, majored in musical theater in Pittsburgh, and now lives in Brooklyn with her wife, six guitars, and a banjo. In addition to writing novels, she is a singer/songwriter who has currently released three indie-folk EPs. She's the author of Sweet & Bitter Magic and Sofi & the Bone Song. You can find her online at AdrienneTooley.com.

Tamsin is a witch, but unlike other witches her age, she has spent the last five years banished from the witches' land of Within, cursed to never feel love as punishment for a terrible deed. Now she ekes out a lonely existence as a harsh, callous village witch among the Ordinary folk.

Wren is a source: someone who is magic but cannot use magic. But unlike other sources, she didn't travel to Within when her magic appeared, as the witches' governing coven requires. Instead, she stayed behind to care for her ailing father, hiding the evidence of her relationship to magic as best she could.

When a dark plague sweeps across the land, Tamsin hopes to return to Within and hunt for the witch who cast it, potentially earning the right to return home. Determined to rescue her father from the plague, Wren seeks Tamsin's aid. The girls strike a bargain and set off to Within.

The romantic arc of Sweet & Bitter Magic trods an enjoyable if well-worn "opposites attract" path. Chapters alternate between Tamsin's and Wren's perspectives, and each young woman exhibits both flaws and growth that readers will find relatable, perhaps even healing. Tamsin must outgrow her tendency to be selfish and let go of her guilt over her past mistakes, while Wren struggles to prioritize her own desires and develop confidence in her own abilities.

Debut author Adrienne Tooley's magical system of witches and sources is simple but intriguing, and the novel's setting evokes a mix of European fairy tales and medieval society. The land of Within is filled with such strange and vivid imagery that readers will be reluctant to leave it behind. With its combination of fresh and familiar elements and two heroines whose emotional journeys are sure to resonate, Sweet & Bitter Magic is a treat for readers who loved the queer fantasy of Melissa Bashardoust's Girls Made of Snow and Glass and the atmospheric, witchy vibes of Peternelle van Arsdale's The Beast Is an Animal. --BookPage "March 2021"

Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
Pub date: mar 09, 2021
368 pages
Format: Hardcover