In Transit: Being Non-Binary in a World of Dichotomies -

In Transit: Being Non-Binary in a World of Dichotomies

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For decades, our cultural discourse around trans and gender-diverse people has been viewed through a medical lens, through diagnoses and symptoms set down in books by cisgender doctors, or through a political lens, through dangerous caricatures invented by politicians clinging to power. But those who claim non-binary gender identity deserve their own discourse, born out of the work of the transsexual movement, absorbed into the idea of transgender, and now, finally, emerging as its own category.

In tracing the history and theory of non-binary identity, and telling of their own coming out, non-binary writer Dianna E. Anderson answers questions about what being non-binary might mean, but also where non-binary people fit in the trans and queer communities. They offer a space for people to know, explore, and understand themselves in the context of a centuries-old understanding of gender nonconformity and to see beyond the strict roles our society has for men and women.

In Transit looks forward to a world where being who we are, whatever that looks like, isn't met with tension and long-winded explanations, but rather with acceptance and love. Being non-binary is about finding home in the in-between places.

About the Author


"In Transit is a must-read for all those in pursuit of a sharper, more authentic understanding of the non-binary experience. Above all, for those who feel displaced by dichotomies, this is a powerful, necessary reclamation of self and community." --Eugene Lee Yang, writer, director, actor, and digital producer

"In Transit provides a multifaceted look at what it means to be non-binary. Grounded in history and theory, yet always accessible, it is an enlightening and enjoyable deep dive into this often overlooked and misunderstood identity." --Julia Serano, author of Whipping Girl and Excluded

"In Transit takes you through the history and theory behind the language that we use now to describe who we are, all while walking with Dianna Anderson in their journey to understand what that means for them. You'll find yourself captivated and educated regardless of where you are in the gender mosaic." --Gavin Grimm, trans activist and victor in the landmark lawsuit Grimm v. Gloucester County School Board

"How can you explain who you are--to yourself and to others--when language itself is in transition? In Transit paints a picture of the present moment and doesn't shy away from the complexity of a discussion that is held both within and about gender-expansive communities. I know this book will encourage life-giving exploration." --Austen Hartke, author of Transforming: The Bible and the Lives of Transgender Christians

"In Transit is a great introductory text for anyone who doesn't understand non-binary identity. A combination of personal history, relayed conversations, and research, it is an accessible, friendly, smart text for anyone seeking to learn." --Helen Boyd, author of My Husband Betty

Publisher: Broadleaf Books
Pub date:
204 pages
Format: Hardcover