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Transgender: A Reference Handbook

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Transgender: A Reference Handbook is a go-to resource about the transgender experience. The book takes contemporary as well as historic aspects into consideration. It looks at ancient indigenous cultures that honored third, fourth, and fifth gender identities as well as more contemporary ideas of what "transgender" means. Notably, it focuses not only on Western medical ideas of gender affirmation but on cultural diversity surrounding the topic.

This book will primarily serve as a reference guide and jumping off point for further research for those seeking information about what it means to be transgender. While a reference book, it contains original work that may be cited in addition to the encyclopedia itself. In particular, the perspectives section of the book includes writings from some of the world's foremost trans writers, activists, artists, and historians.

About the Author

Aaron Devor, the world's only chair in transgender studies, has been studying transgender for more than thirty years.

Ardel Haefele-Thomas received their PhD from Stanford University, where they studied the intersections of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and socio-economics within 19th-century British literature and history.

Many of the earlier volumes in the 'Contemporary World Issues' series are owned by a wide range of public, community college, and university libraries. Given the importance of this subject, this book will be useful in all those types of libraries.

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Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Pub date: feb 15, 2019
364 pages
Format: Hardcover