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"TRIUMPHANT AND HUMANE." --Elle, A Most Anticipated Book of 2023

I wore a dress on the night I first met Ming.

Have you ever met someone and felt that the universe conspired just to bring you two together? Meet Tom and Ming. A chance encounter at a university drag night, a drink, a magnetic attraction, and what follows is an unforgettable tale of love, identity, and transformation.

For everyone who believes in the transformative power of love, for those who've faced the crossroads of identity, or for anyone who simply loves a beautifully spun tale - Bellies is your next must-read.

"Triumphant and humane." --ELLE, A Most Anticipated Book of 2023

"A grand, affecting story of shifting identities and shifting intimacy." --ELECTRIC LITERATURE, A Most Anticipated LGBTQ+ Book of the Summer

"I just read Nicola Dinan's novel Bellies. Nicola is an astounding writer and the book is smart, hilarious and deeply moving." -ELLIOT PAGE, on Instagram

"In growing up, we each have to gain a sense of the world. In these absolutely glowing pages, Tom and Ming make their way. They love and dream in ways that only youth can, but perhaps we all should. Dinan imbues this tale of identity and friendship with generosity, hope and that mighty keen touch of wit." -WEIKE WANG, AUTHOR OF JOAN IS OKAY

"With Bellies, Nicola Dinan has written an intimate odyssey - full of warmth and humor, punctuated with prose that's thrilling and tender and elegant and pungent. Dinan weaves an irresistibly queer love story within a scrupulously architectured world, offering a story about connection, loneliness, identity, and the many different forms that family can take. Thoughtful, seductive, and entirely engrossing - Bellies is already a classic." -BRYAN WASHINGTON, AUTHOR OF MEMORIAL

"In this dryly comedic, richly drawn portrait of friends and lovers in early adulthood, Nicola Dinan charts the complexities, contradictions, and joys of human entanglement, and reminds us of the inevitability of being changed by those we love. Bellies is a book that not only explores transformation, but transforms the reader, too. I loved this powerful, mortal, moving debut." -RACHEL KHONG, AUTHOR OF GOODBYE, VITAMIN

"Wry, vulnerable, chic, devastating, aflutter with supple insights into becoming dimensional and beholding the puzzle of other people." -JEREMY ATHERTON LIN, AUTHOR OF GAY BAR: WHY WE WENT OUT

"Bellies is a sumptuous, powerful novel, about the self, about food, about relationships but ultimately about finding yourself in a complicated world." -NIKESH SHUKLA, EDITOR OF THE GOOD IMMIGRANT

"Bellies, this glorious debut about the beautiful discomfort of being seen and known, hooked me from the very start. Nicola Dinan's prose is swift and immersive and the empathy with which she writes her characters' foibles, flaws, and faulty perceptions is boundless. Both tender and biting, Bellies has captured my whole heart." -ILANA MASAD, AUTHOR OF ALL MY MOTHER'S LOVERS

Publisher: Hanover Square Press
Pub date: August 01, 2023
368 pages
Format: Hardcover