Margo Zimmerman Gets the Girl (Original)

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"The most delightfully snarky romance I've read this year." --New York Times bestselling author Ashley Poston

This charming YA rom-com follows Margo, who suddenly realizes that she's gay but has no clue how to express her identity, so she enlists out-and-proud Abbie to act as her tutor on everything "Queer 101"...and first love.

Margo Zimmerman is gay, but she didn't know until now. An overachiever at heart, Margo is determined to ace her newly discovered gayness. All she needs is the right tutor.

Abbie Sokoloff has her own gayness down to a science. But a flunking grade in US History is threatening her acceptance to her dream school. All she needs is the right tutor.

Margo agrees to help Abbie get her history grade up in exchange for "Queer 101" lessons. But as they spend more and more time together, Margo realizes she doesn't want just any girl--she wants the girl.

"This book has everything your gay girl heart could want--field hockey, snapbacks, sundresses, horses, history nerds, a bloodhound named Julie Andrews, and the most delightfully snarky romance I've read this year. Shrum and Waxelbaum are at their chaotic best in their YA rom-com debut. Hilarious, heartfelt, and gay as hell, Margo Zimmerman doesn't just get the girl--she gets my whole freaking heart, too!" --New York Times bestselling author Ashley Poston

"Hilariously queer and queerly hilarious, Margo Zimmerman stands up there with my favorite sapphic YA rom-coms. Shrum and Waxelbaum are definitely a duo to watch!" --Dahlia Adler, author of Cool for the Summer and Home Field Advantage

"Brimming with heart and humor, Margo Zimmerman Gets the Girl is a story about identity, first love, and the wonder that happens when you make room for the unexpected. This story is everything I love in a YA romance--funny, voicey, insightful, and heartwarming." --Ashley Herring Blake, USA Today bestselling author of Astrid Parker Doesn't Fail

"Margo Zimmerman Gets the Girl and wins our hearts along the way. Shrum and Waxelbaum absolutely shine with this laugh out loud rom-com of queer joy!" --Jennifer Iacopelli, author of Break the Fall and Finding Her Edge

"Margo Zimmerman Gets the Girl is fun and funny in the best rom-com ways. It makes you laugh at the idea of there being a right way to be queer, all the while loving the characters for still trying to find one." --L.C. Rosen, author of Camp

"Margo Zimmerman Gets the Girl--and she stole my heart, too! I couldn't put it down. I'm obsessed with Margo and Abbie, the banter, the hilarious foray into queer culture, and the chemistry, wow! My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. A sapphic romcom that truly shines." --Jen Wilde, author of Queens of Geek and This Is the Way the World Ends

"[An] adorable, sex-positive, will-they, won't-they romance." --Kirkus Reviews

"[A] playful romance... Margo and Abbie's candid alternating narration positively depict myriad facets of neurodiversity and dating." --Publishers Weekly

"Shrum and Waxelbaum have created relatable narrators in Margo and Abbie. Their voices are casual and conversational, which makes this a fun read, and it's a joy to see more characters like this come to YA." --Booklist

Publisher: Inkyard Press
Pub date:
304 pages
Format: Hardcover