All the Way Happy (Original) -

All the Way Happy (Original)

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Their differences made them enemies.

One summer tied them together forever.


From the moment Jack Gardner first laid eyes on Theodore Beaumont, he hated everything about him. Emanating wealth and icy perfection, Theo was everything Jack was not. Their time together at the elite Gwynns Academy changed them both, but it wasn't until a chance encounter the summer after graduation that the tension between them became palpable--unbearable.

Seventeen years later, Jack's and Theo's worlds collide as they drop their sons off at Gwynns. Theo wants the kind of authentic life that requires confronting past lies--specifically the steamy summer affair he and Jack kept buried like a secret beneath the floorboards of their marriages.


Jack is...less than convinced.


Existing in the present and simultaneously in their shared past, in the richness of their memories and the way they once clung together, Jack and Theo struggle to reconcile the worlds they have built apart with their longing to be together--and the fear of being hurt all over again.

About the Author

Kit Coltrane is a Baltimore hon with an Irish heart, and in her "normal" life, she is currently managing in the elevated dining industry. She lives in Baltimore with her partner, a massive mug collection, and an ever-expanding mocktail bar, and she can often be found dining out in elaborate attire. You can also find her at @kit.coltrane on Instagram and @sommeilsobre on Twitter. She believes in the "happily ever after."

"Recommend this to readers interested in stories of coming out after marriage and long-term relationships with supportive found families."--Library Journal

Publisher: Carina Adores
Pub date: December 27, 2022
336 pages
Format: Paperback