Into The Pines

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Up-and-coming podcast host Eyvette has spent the last few years of her life trying to put her rural Southern upbringing behind her. And she's just about managed it - she's got a snazzy Los Angeles apartment, a talented actress girlfriend, and a growing online following of her own.

Then, Eyvette's comfortable new world comes crashing down around her. She learns that her childhood friend and first love, Charlene, has been named the second woman to go missing in the woods surrounding her tiny hometown. Eyvette can't help herself - she packs her things and heads back home to the foothills of South Carolina in search of answers.

It's not long before Eyvette realizes she may have bitten off more than she can chew. There are no leads into Charlene's disappearance, and the once-familiar woods now seem wild and menacing. As she ventures farther and farther into the pines in search of answers, Eyvette begins to realize that she's not alone in the woods - and she may be running out of time to find her friend before someone, or something finds her first.

What lies within the pines that surround Traveler's Rest? Where do all the missing girls go? Who can you trust in the woods? Do people truly disappear without a trace?


"Ryan Lill-Washington is a major talent to watch. Fierce, rhapsodic, imaginative, and enthralling as a thunderstorm, this dazzling Queer storyteller is forging a sensational path in genre fiction." -Margot Douaihy, author of SCORCHED GRACE


"Ryan Lill-Washington is a truly magical storyteller. He wields his words like a sword, slicing away at any expectations to reveal a veritable mountain of talent and wisdom. Readers will find themselves unable to put Into The Pines down for even a moment. (Sleep? I don't know her.) He proves himself to be a brilliant writer with every page and personally, I am eager to devour anything he serves up." -Alaina Urquhart, author of the bestselling novel THE BUTCHER AND THE WREN, co-host of MORBID PODCAST

Publisher: Ryan Lill-Washington
Pub date: July 04, 2023
208 pages
Format: Paperback