Wild Things

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Two best friends. One huge crush. A year that could change everything...

A warmhearted, hilarious queer rom-com about what happens when a group of friends are actually brave enough to live the dream and give up their dreary city apartments to buy a house in the country together.

"A delightful romance, complete with DIY home repair, a beautiful queer found family, and backyard hens." --Ashley Herring Blake, bestselling author of Astrid Parker Doesn't Fail

El is in a rut. She's been hiding in the photocopier room at the same dead-end job for longer than she cares to remember, she's sharing a flat with a girl who leaves passive-aggressive smiley face notes on the fridge about milk consumption and, worst of all, she's been in unrequited love with her best friend, effortlessly cool lesbian Ray, for years. So when a plan is hatched for El, Ray, and their two other closest friends--newly heartbroken Will and karaoke-and-Twilight-superfan Jamie--to ditch the big city and move out to a ramshackle house on the edge of an English country village, it feels like just the escape she needs.

Despite being the DIY challenge of a lifetime, the newly named Lavender House has all the makings of becoming the queer commune of the friends' dreams. (Will has been given a pass as the gang's Token Straight.) But as they start plotting their bright new future and making preparations for a grand housewarming party to thank the surprisingly but wonderfully welcoming community, El is forced to confront her feelings for Ray--the feelings that she's been desperately trying to keep buried. Is it worth ruining a perfectly good friendship for a chance at love?


About the Author

LAURA KAY is the author of The Split and Tell Me Everything, both published by Quercus in the UK. Wild Things is her first novel published in the U.S. She lives in East London.


"Brimming with both hilarity and heartfelt relationships, Wild Things is a delightful romance, complete with DIY home repair, a beautiful queer found family, and backyard hens. I adored El's journey to realizing that only by taking risks can she really get what she wants, in both life . . . and love."
--Ashley Herring Blake, USA Today bestselling author of Astrid Parker Doesn't Fail

"Wild Things filled my heart all the way up. El is the disaster bisexual of my dreams, and I fell in love with Ray, Jamie, Will, and Lavender House just like she did. I want to have a glass of wine (or three) with all of them. A hilarious story of queer friendship, queer longing, and queer triumph."
--TJ Alexander, author of Chef's Kiss

"Heartfelt, heartwarming and absolutely adorable, Wild Things by Laura Kay explores living and loving to your absolute fullest, and with each turn of the page, she encourages both her characters and readers to reach for the life they want and embrace the joyful ride."
--Allison Winn Scotch, bestselling author of The Rewind

"Deeply felt and wonderfully whimsical, Laura Kay's ode to getting wild is full of will-they-won't-they spark and the resonance of life-changing questions. El and Ray's is the perfect story of leaving everything you know and finding your meant-to-be."
--Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka, authors of Do I Know You?

"Laura Kay has taken it to the next level--real Emily Henry vibes but gay. Joyous, funny, sexy, and romantic--a triumph!"
--Kate Sawyer, award-winning author of
The Stranding

"Wild Things feels fresh and exciting--a touching and realistic read with wonderful characters. I love Laura Kay's writing."
--Katie Fforde, author of
One Enchanted Evening

"This book made my heart sing! A tale of unrequited love set on a queer commune, Wild Things has a great cast of characters, stacks of charm, and so much feeling. Laura Kay just gets better and better."
--Matt Cain, author of The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle

"I completely and utterly adored Wild Things. It's perfectly observed, brilliantly funny, full of queer joy and such a timely exploration of what adult life could and should look like now."
--Emma Hughes, author of No Such Thing as Perfect

"Fresh, fun, thoughtful and hopeful, a joyfully messy story of contemporary queer life."
--Bethany Rutter, author of
Welcome to Your Life

"A cute queer rom-com that feels like a warm hug. . . . Both compulsively readable and tremendously enjoyable."
--Publishers Weekly

"This sweet LGBT slow-burn romance is balanced by well-developed secondary characters, snappy dialogue, and fun farm animals named after characters from Twilight. For readers who enjoy British contemporary romance authors with a wry sense of humor, like Alexis Hall."
--Kristina Giovanni, Booklist

"Kay has a sharp eye for Millennial culture, and her humorous dialogue and fully fleshed-out characters make for a satisfying novel. A queer coming-of-adulthood tale with enough cheekiness to make growing up seem not so bad."
--Kirkus Reviews

"Kay spins a compelling story about creating queer family and falling in love with your best friend, while keeping a light tone throughout. Readers who want a true romantic comedy and enjoy the distinctly deadpan narrative voices of Dodie Smith's I Capture the Castle or Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones's Diary will enjoy Kay's U.S. debut."
--Sierra Wilson,
Library Journal

Publisher: Vintage
Pub date: May 23, 2023
320 pages
Format: Paperback