Expose Art: male nude photography at a virtual art exhibit

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A collection of male nude photography transformed digitally into individual paintings and viewed by the models in the paintings.

Expose Art, is simply as it is defined on page one. Expose is all about making visible, leaving uncovered, revealing, displaying one's body. Art is the expression of human creative skills and imagination. The two words together create my vision for this book in hopes that you will be moved and educated by its content.

"Creativity is the spark that moves an artist to take something that exists and envision it anew, bringing it into a new era, into another way of being. A new way of seeing that stretches the viewer's perspective, that merges past and present and often points to a future art style. Before Rembrandt painted, people dressed the way he painted them, but he saw light in a new way; before Seurat went to the Grande Jatte, people picnicked there, but he saw all the small points of color that no one else saw; before Picasso, we were really made up of cubes, but he made us see them. It took creativity to see with a new and exciting eye. In a similar way, Tony takes the art of the photograph, and through his eye's creativity and his knowledge of the computer's capabilities, juxtaposes styles through the male nude form. For all of his work in this collection, he has masterfully arranged all the elements that make for a successful photograph: balance, unity, movement, rhythm, lighting, form and mood. Those elements lead the eye from the present, to the past, and back again. The originality of Tony's concept as well as the ingenuity of its execution make for a stimulating journey. He opened his shutter, and we the viewer are exposed to creativity." Dan Clancy

Publisher: Anthony Timiraos Photography
Pub date: August 07, 2020
186 pages
Format: Hardcover