The Downtown Underground: A memoir of my time with the underground drag queens of Downtown Los Angeles

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Sex, Drugs, and False Eyelashes--

Surviving an encounter with a gun-wielding lesbian, a car chase by a jealous stranger, and being drowned by drag queens, The Downtown Underground is the satirical memoir of a queer kid that stumbled into the outrageous world of Downtown Los Angeles' drag scene.

When drag broke into the mainstream, it gave birth to a subculture of performers that didn't aspire to be media-friendly beauty queens. Instead, these drag queens embraced the culture of an underground art. The raw, monstrous underbelly of drag has since evolved into The Downtown Underground.

This coming-of-age adventure tells the story of a misfit queer struggling to find his place in the LGBT community.

About the Author

London Alexander is an unapologetically queer author. A graduate of Cal State L.A. and the New York Film Academy in Burbank, he spends his days examining the strange people that roam the underbelly of Los Angeles. He moonlights as a bartender at one of Hollywood's oldest dive bars-collecting stories from patrons and witnessing new ones unfold. London is a strong advocate for supporting the LGBT community and local artists. He has produced music videos for gay rappers, funded tours by queer bands, managed drag queens, and marched in the L.A. Pride parade.

Publisher: London Alexander
Pub date: May 01, 2019
240 pages
Format: Paperback