The Girl Next Door

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Part To All the Boys I've Loved Before, part Everything Leads to You, this queer rom-com puts a smart spin on all the YA tropes we can't get enough of.

Film club nerd Cleo Ferrara's senior year was like a storyboard waiting to be filmed. She knew the scenes, the players, and the eventual happy ending. Attend film school with her boyfriend, Daniel Sheridan. Become a film-making power couple. Take Hollywood by storm. Cut. Print. Fade to black.?

But in a plot twist Cleo never saw coming, Daniel dumps her for Kiki Pearson, the head cheerleader. This would be the point in the movie where the Sad Girl Music plays while the protagonist looks longingly out her window, but when Cleo looks out hers, she sees Marianne Lacerda, her former best friend...and a new storyboard unfolds.

Marianne is also nursing a heartache. When Daniel was dumping Cleo for Kiki, Kiki was dumping Marianne for Daniel. So instead of watching their exes parade around school, Cleo and Marianne start fake dating each other to ignite a little chaos in this bizarre love square. But any movie buff knows that when you introduce fake dating in Act I, it's going to get real by Act III. With friendship, the future, and love on the line, can Cleo script a happy ending for herself--or will she get her heart broken again?

"A romcom lover's dream, filled with heart, laughter, characters to cheer for, and one very swoony romance. I've got the biggest book crush on The Girl Next Door. " -- Elizabeth Eulberg, international bestselling author of Better Off Friends

"A delightful ode to romance and horror's best tropes, especially the fake-dating revenge scheme. Vinesse writes her characters with compassion and complexity; Cleo and Marianne positively leap off the page." -- Kelly Quindlen, bestselling author of She Drives Me Crazy

"A warm, charming tale of a horror-loving film buff who's stuck in a romantic comedy." -- Kirkus Reviews

Publisher: Quill Tree Books
Pub date: May 30, 2023
368 pages
Format: Hardcover