Support Queer Authors

Did you know that when you buy a book, the author usually only gets 10%? We're here to change that. is an independent bookshop that splits our profits with queer authors. When you buy a book from us, the author gets at least double what they'd get anywhere else. To thank you for your support, over 100 authors have signed their books for you, at no extra cost.

While we don't have a brick-and-mortar location just yet, we're thrilled to be shipping queer books to readers all over the world! And we're just getting started...

Fight Bigotry with Books

As anti-LGBTQ+ book bans sweep the country, we're preparing to launch a loud, proud, and very queer bookmobile across the United States.

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Our Founders

Dr. Eric Cervini (right) is an award-winning author, producer, and historian of LGBTQ+ politics. His first book, The Deviant’s War, was a NYT bestseller and Pulitzer finalist, and he recently created and executive produced The Book of Queer, a comedic and music-filled docuseries about queer history that premiered on Discovery+ in June 2022.

Adam Powell (left) is an actor, dancer, and drag queen, featured in General Hospital and 1 Chance 2 Dance.

As boyfriends and business partners, they live in Los Angeles with their dog, Moo Bear, and many, many bookshelves.

Meet Aubergine

Model, Actress, Dancer, Writer, Entrepreneur, Personal Trainer, and Marketing Intern at

Your guide to’s latest and greatest books, an illustrious list which — like her cocktail of choice — changes every week. While she may bear a suspicious resemblance to Adam, she’d like to clarify that she’s both the brains and the beauty in this bookshop.

Discreet Packaging on Request

We love to ship our products in fabulous, loud-and-proud, hot pink packaging, but we understand that this may not always be desirable.

We want you to stay safe, so we’re happy to use plain packaging that doesn’t reference our shop name instead — just select the "discreet packaging" checkbox when you add an item to your cart.