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Death in Heels

Kitty Murphy


Camp Damascus

Chuck Tingle


Café Con Lychee

Emery Lee


A Place for Us: A Memoir

Brandon J Wolf


Old Enough

Haley Jakobson


Gods of Want: Stories

K-Ming Chang



Matthias Lehmann


Run Baby Run (Original)

Melissa Lenhardt


Cosmoknights (Book Two)

Hannah Templer



Eliot Duncan


Vivian Lantz's Second Chances

Kathryn Ormsbee


Women of the Post (Original)

Joshunda Sanders


Counting Lost Stars

Kim Van Alkemade


Other Names for Love

Taymour Soomro


Red, White & Royal Blue

Casey McQuiston


Stars, Hide Your Fires

Jessica Best


Paper Planes

Jennie Wood


Sirens & Muses

Antonia Angress