October Releases

Dark Moon, Shallow Sea

David R Slayton


The Recordings

Kyle Zona


The Christmas Swap

Talia Samuels


Eli Over Easy

Phil Stamper


Somewhere in the Gray Area

Jeffrey K Davenport


The Prince & the Coyote

David Bowles


The Flying Ship Volume 1
The Flying Ship Volume 1

Jem Milton

$17.49 $24.99

Confetti Realms

Nadia Shammas


Western Blue

Suzie Clarke


The City of the Living

Nicola Lagioia


Gender Is Really Strange

Teddy G Goetz


Atoms Never Touch

Micha Cárdenas



Seth Haddon


Night Side of the River

Jeanette Winterson


The Heart of the Banshee

Carolyn Elizabeth


I Know about You
Sold out
I Know about You

Erin Kaste



Meghan Greeley