The Gender Identity Guide for Parents: Compassionate Advice to Help Your Child Be Their Most Authentic Self -

The Gender Identity Guide for Parents: Compassionate Advice to Help Your Child Be Their Most Authentic Self

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Nurture and celebrate your child’s true self with this parent’s guide to gender identity

Talking with your child about gender identity can seem overwhelming—but with the right guidance, you can have healthy conversations and create an affirming environment for them as they grow. Whether your child is cisgender, gender expansive, transgender, or still unsure, this guide provides practical advice and strategies to help you embrace them for who they are and support them as they approach puberty.

Learn the basics—Refresh your knowledge on gender identity and gender expression.
Discover anecdotes and advice—Build your confidence as a parent with expert strategies and relatable stories from other parents.
Cover important topics—Learn how to unravel your personal biases and maintain open communication.
Create a safe and inclusive space for your child to explore themselves with The Gender Identity Guide for Parents.

About the Author


"This is the book I've been waiting for to address the complexities and joys at the intersection of gender and parenting! Tavi Hawn provides a guide that radiates kindness, caring, and patience while holding with intention the experiences of both cisgender and transgender parents and kids. As a therapist, trans man, and dad I am excited to share this book with all of the parents in my life." --Damon Constantinides, PhD, LCSW, co-author of Sex Therapy with Erotically Marginalized Clients: Nine Principles of Clinical Support

"Exactly what I was looking for--a book from an author with both therapy and lived experience. Tavi shares both practical parenting advice as well as thoughtful advice for raising gender-expansive children of all ages. This is THE book I recommend for all parents--insightful, gentle, and supporting. You will be a better parent and caregiver after reading this!" --Randall Leonard, LCSW-C, clinical social worker & community healer

Publisher: Rockridge Press
Pub date: jan 04, 2022
156 pages
Format: Paperback