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Loose Lips: A Gay Sea Odyssey

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Dockyard mansex adventurer Olli Turner has stowed away on the biggest ship the world has ever known, forced to set sail incomplete.

Built up rivet by rivet through his formative years, RMS Queen Elizabeth watched over Olli's sexual awakening. Staying with her seems to promise passage to a new world of landed men.

Yet in March 1940 war is churning. That short coastal voyage to Southampton he was expecting turns into a daring dash across the Atlantic and plants instead seeds of a years-long life at sea.

Conspiring undercurrents sabotage his troopship to troopship bounce as need for a place, however perilous, in arms of to-war men proves a powerful piece in this war's chess match of primal evils.

About the Author

Joseph Brennan, PhD is an authority on gay pornography published by Oxford University Press. This is his debut novel and just the start of the stories he has planned. Discover more at josephbrennan.com

Publisher: Hard Crossing Press
Pub date: November 22, 2022
288 pages
Format: Hardcover