The Sins of Jack Branson

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He lost his home. His family. His pride. So he made his own.

England, 1881. Being gay is both a sin and a crime. Parents disowning their children is considered honourable. Consensual sex risks life in prison. Sodomy scandals ruin careers and reputations. Homosexuals have to choose between safety and happiness.

After an unspeakable incident gets him exiled from his idyllic Irish hometown, twenty-four-year-old Jack Branson rebuilds his life in fog-and-mould London as a house call prostitute for closeted members of the British aristocracy. His dangerous, lucrative profession makes him dependent on the very people who deprive him of a normal life, but he is grateful for the opportunity to finally be his true self. Jack's rave reviews impress the mysterious Oliver Hawkett, a street rat turned entrepreneur/activist with gorgeous green eyes and a plan to change his oppressive society with the opening of a homosexual brothel. Despite a growing attraction to Oliver, Jack believes he is safer in the hands of his privileged clients, learning the hard way just how wrong he is to trust them.

Inspired by true events, THE SINS OF JACK BRANSON blossoms into a complex, ensemble-driven odyssey through the unforgiving world of Victorian homosexuals, defying genre expectations with a unique blend of plot twists, romance, dry humour, tragedy, philosophy, and modern relevance.

About the Author

David Schulze (né Stehman) was born and raised in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. A lifelong admirer of movies, mythology, and classic literature, David loves stories across all mediums. In 2017, David graduated from Emerson College with a BA in Writing for Film and Television and a minor in Literature. He has written nine feature screenplays and four shorts and placed in a dozen screenwriting contests. Falling back on his love of prose, David adapted his ninth feature The Sins of Jack Branson (2018 Final Draft Big Break Contest Quarterfinalist) as his debut novel. David lives with his husband Howie in Marlton, New Jersey.

"Schulze's depiction of the Victorian era is atmospheric and intense in conveying the persecution gay people faced." - Kirkus Review

"Between its anecdotes of affairs, its slow revelations of more enduring longings, and its vivid courtroom scene, it is magnificently character-driven from beginning to end." - Tucker Lieberman, Independent Book Review

"Tense, emotional, incredibly entertaining, with an atmosphere that feels authentic to the time period. I loved every character, even the ones I wanted to hate." - Tory Hunter, Tory Hunter Books

"The author has opted for a topic that deserves appreciation and has from the beginning cut to the chase... Recommended to anyone who is willing to explore literature that explores the hypocritical attitude of society." - Ruby is Reading, Goodreads

Publisher: David Schulze Books
Pub date: April 30, 2021
430 pages
Format: Paperback