by Jillian Brenner

Legend has it that when the clock strikes midnight on July 1st, if you listen very closely, you can hear the subtle click of a thousand social media interns removing the rainbow backgrounds from corporate logos. The colorful flags are stored away, the glitter is swept up, and the checkboxes are ticked for another year of questionable allyship.

But here at, we know that queerness is not a 30-day phase. After all, I woke up still gay today, and I’m guessing you did, too. So why limit your queer reads to June? Check out these eight new releases in July, all brimming with the kind of pride that cannot be confined to designated aisles.


by TJ Klune

Originally published in 2016 — well before The House by the Cerulean Sea and The Extraordinaires — TJ Klune wrote a paranormal adult series about a boy named Ox and the mysterious boy who brought secrets, murder, and love to his life. But when the world needed the series most, it went out of print. … Now, thanks to the publishing gods, the entire Wolfsong series is back, revamped with gorgeous new covers. It’s time to fall in love with Klune’s writing all over again.  

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Sirens & Muses

by Antonia Angress

The sapphic drama of the L Word meets the schemes, wealth, and interloping scholarship students of Gossip Girl in this thrilling adult fiction debut. When Louisa gets accepted to an elite art school at the height of the American recession, she doesn’t expect to bond with her wealthy classmates, let alone fall for one. As the relationship deepens, Louisa’s problems only heighten when an explosive hoax catapults her and her friends into the cutthroat New York art scene that threatens to destroy them.

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The Sea Elephants

by Shastri Akella

Set in 1990s India, Shagun finds himself grappling with the devastating loss of his beloved twin sisters. So what else is there for him to do but join a Hindu traveling theater troupe? In Shastri Akella’s breathtaking debut, we follow Shagun’s coming of age journey as he finds the love he’s always dreamt of and flees the threat of his father. Immersive and spellbinding, The Sea Elephants is a celebration of the healing nature of love — both for ourselves and others.

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Fat Ham

by James Ijames

While it’s never convenient to be visited by the ghost of your father who’s seeking vengeance for his recent murder, a family barbecue is really not the time — especially when that barbeque doubles as your mother’s wedding celebration. In Ijames’s Pulitzer Prize-winning reinvention of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Juicy, a young queer Black man grappling with questions of masculinity and identity, takes center stage. Readers and thespians alike will be swept away by both the comedy and soul-provoking examinations in Fat Ham.

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Sammy Espinoza's Last Review

by Tehlor Kay Mejia

Sammy Espinoza is known for one thing: writing scathing album reviews that leave no pop-star survivors. So when she writes a rather glowing review in hopes of winning her singer ex-girlfriend back, her audience (and boss) are not thrilled.But then, almost on cue, her career redemption arrives in the rock-star image of Max Ryan, a former high school hook-up that ghosted Sammy promptly before becoming famous. Can Sammy get the girl, her review, and her revenge all in one fell swoop? Or will she find love of a different tune in this adult romance?

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The King Is Dead

by Benjamin Dean

In this YA thriller, James has a lot going on — his father died, he’s the first Black heir to the British throne, and he’s trying to hide his boyfriend from the savage London press. But when his secrets are exposed and his boyfriend disappears, the prince-to-be has no idea where to turn. If he can’t trust the press outside the palace walls, and if someone on the inside is trading royal secrets, has the prince just become a prisoner? And how far will those against him go in their quest for power?

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Paper Planes

by Jennie Wood
illustrated by Dozerdraws

Summer camp is supposed to be fun! At least…that might be the case for other camps, the ones not designated for troubled youth. And for former BFFs Dylan and Leighton, they have more on the line than hikes and water activities — both need good evaluations to be let back into school. But what tore these friends and their futures apart in the first place? Wood’s YA graphic novel examines the power of friendship and the mistakes we can make in our journey to find ourselves and our identities.

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Rana Joon and the One and Only Now

by Shideh Etaat

Rana Joon is not the perfect Iranian daughter. She smokes weed, blasts Tupac, and is definitely (but secretly) a lesbian. Grieving her best friend's death, she enters the rap battle he always dreamed of — despite, you know, her fear of public speaking, her family is falling apart, and she might be falling in love at the same time. But none of these should be a problem, right? Set in 1990s Southern California, Shideh Etaat's YA debut captures Rana’s quest for self-discovery and authenticity in this resonant coming-of-age tale.

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These queer reads remind us that even after the rainbow-tinted emails and parades are done, there is still so much to celebrate. We show up for pride in our daily lives in countless ways: by taking our partner’s hand in public, by correcting someone on our pronouns, and by admitting the beautiful fact to ourselves that we love who we love. Keep reading with us as we keep the pride party going today and every day.

Enjoy 30% off the books above until Sunday, June 25th, at midnight! And remember, at, we split our profits with the author, and the rest goes to our Rainbow Book Bus campaign — all with the mission of protecting and promoting queer literature across the country. <3