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Explore diverse topics within queer literature, curated with love by your family and friends. Happy reading!

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  • October Bestsellers

    October Bestsellers

    This month has been MANIC. Between Halloween horrors and Britney's memoir, the queer community has never had so many books to pick between. We've made your lives easier by putting our six top sellers of the month on sale. So, today only, you can take 20% off these blockbusters. Happy shopping!

  • 8 Books to Honor Our Queer History

    8 Books to Honor Our Queer History

    In the books below — written by just a few of the revolutionary activists, archivists, and historians documenting our LGBTQ+ fight — is a wealth of stories to inspire, educate, and empower us to keep pushing forward. Because sometimes, the best way to make history is by reading history.

  • 8 Queer Books Celebrating Drag

    8 Queer Books Celebrating Drag

    No matter the anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric that continues to spew, drag is not — and never will be — a crime. So, unlike drab fearmongers, pick up one of these books, stay educated, and please tip your local drag queens. And remember, in the timeless words of the inimitable RuPaul, “We’re all born naked, and the rest is drag.”
  • 8 Books for Baby Queers

    8 Books for Baby Queers

    This week’s picks are dedicated to anyone who has ever googled: Am I gay? We’ve all had that moment when we realized we were…different. And as uncertain as those realizations can often feel, they’re only the beginning of a bright, beautiful, and queer journey. Just ask any of the characters in these books.
  • 8 Trailblazing Queer Classics

    8 Trailblazing Queer Classics

    Much like the iconic and ageless Cher once sang, this week we’re turning back time. Specifically to the 20th century, where beneath the sweater sets, bouffants, and questionable jellied food lurked a group of people on the rise of reshaping America in a cooler, hotter direction: the queers.

  • 8 Queer Books Celebrating AANHPI Heritage Month

    8 Queer Books Celebrating AANHPI Heritage Month

    As May comes to a close, is celebrating Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month by highlighting eight queer books from authors in the community, curated by staff member India Torrez.