"Diverse" Books Removed From School Book Fairs

As you may have heard, Scholastic decided to segregate LGBTQ+ and other “diverse” books into their own category, which schools could choose to exclude from book fairs. After receiving overwhelming criticism, the company reversed its policy — but Scholastic's decision is just one symptom of the larger problem.

Dozens of new state laws are restricting how subjects like race, gender, and sexuality can be taught in schools, and teachers are being fired when conservative parents don't like their books selections.

We can’t let Republicans control what our kids learn, so we're expediting our plans for a national tour of LGBTQ+ book fairs across the South. We need to hire a tour manager ASAP, but to do that, we need your help. Will you help the Rainbow Book Bus fight back against hateful book bans?

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Thanks to your support in recent months, we’ve been able to secure a permanent home for the Rainbow Book Bus in West Hollywood. We’re so close to being able to hire a Tour Manager (with a living wage!), but we need your help for the final push.

My publisher just sent me more hardcovers of my book, The Deviant’s War, and I’m signing and personalizing copies as a special thank-you for everyone who donates $100 or more. With the holidays coming up, it's the perfect gift for anyone who wants to learn (or needs to learn) about our community's history.

These bigoted attempts to ban LGBTQ+ books from schools break my heart. I have fond memories from the Scholastic book fairs of my youth, and I can only imagine how impactful it would’ve been to see LGBTQ+ books on the shelves when I was growing up.

We created the Rainbow Book Bus so that children today could feel more seen than we did, not less, and we refuse to let cowardly politicians erase our community’s progress. If you have the means, we hope you’ll join us.

Eric Cervini
Co-Founder, Rainbow Book Bus

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